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Blog Project To Be In Another Book February 5, 2008

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Very exciting news! The blog project I have been working on for 2.5 years now, SlaveToTarget is going to be mentioned in another business/consumer behavior book!

I am not sure that I should reveal much more as I don’t know if the people at Simon & Schuster have policies regarding this but the author’s first book on the same publisher has received great accolades so I am personally excited to see what his new title brings and then of course what attention it brings my company. Great press interest regarding the SlaveToTarget blog is what keeps it going and it has been a fun project that helps me explain to clients how important the internet is to your business.

Last year SlaveToTarget was given almost an entire chapter in Citizen Marketers, a book about consumer behavior and loyalty. I don’t even know where my copy is. Between my grandfather and mother bragging about it I think they swiped it!