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Think of the trees. February 26, 2008

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Cutest Photo Award February 6, 2008

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This week’s cutest client photo spread award goes to Ellie Bellie Kids! Find out more about this client at www.elliebelliekids.com Soon their site will be updated with great photos and a whole new look!

It is all about the look. If you don’t have it you better get it.


Blog Project To Be In Another Book February 5, 2008

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Very exciting news! The blog project I have been working on for 2.5 years now, SlaveToTarget is going to be mentioned in another business/consumer behavior book!

I am not sure that I should reveal much more as I don’t know if the people at Simon & Schuster have policies regarding this but the author’s first book on the same publisher has received great accolades so I am personally excited to see what his new title brings and then of course what attention it brings my company. Great press interest regarding the SlaveToTarget blog is what keeps it going and it has been a fun project that helps me explain to clients how important the internet is to your business.

Last year SlaveToTarget was given almost an entire chapter in Citizen Marketers, a book about consumer behavior and loyalty. I don’t even know where my copy is. Between my grandfather and mother bragging about it I think they swiped it!


Upcoming Tradeshow/Event Listings January 29, 2008

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The following clients will be at upcoming spring tradeshows/events. List will continue to update so check back often.

 Sassabies:: http://www.sassabies.com
Mom2be  Las Vegas- Booth #115 – March 3+4, 2008
Appel + Frank Sunday 2/10/08  in SF: http://www.appelandfrank.com/

Catbird Baby:: http://www.catbirdbaby.com
Baby Celebration LA April 12+13, 2008 – Booth # 191 – next to Pregnancy Magazine

tj+co: http://www.tjandco.com
Baby Celebration LA April 12+13, 2008 – Booth #315

Appel+Frank Sunday 2/10/08  in SF: http://www.appelandfrank.com/


We’re Blogging. January 27, 2008

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Welcome to the 32Flavors PR blog. One thing that I have noticed in the past 7+ years of working in Internet marketing and public relations is that people like us have these careers because they have lives. Lives that are important to them and they need to put those lives first. They have kids, they love to travel, they are super busy.

Super busy people are multi-taskers who sometimes need to work on their own terms. The designer who checks email at 4am while nursing her baby, editors and stylists who are in transit to the latest photo shoot hopping online via Blackberry in the airport, and the publicist blogging on a Sunday afternoon to improve communication for her PR firm.  The list of possible scenarios reaching way past the standard 9 to 5 workday is endless.

So in order to keep anyone interested updated on our clients good news, new products and more- I bring you the blog. This way you can surf it anytime day or night along with our main website at http://www.32FlavorsPR.com . Check there for the client roster, one sheets on every client we rep with facts, photos and story ideas.


Traditional PR Is SO Vanilla.

-lizzie sorensen
founder : 32Flavors PR